LACD Active

Men’s Technimild Active Zip Polo

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TECHNIMILD fabric is a premium technical fabric suitable for any time of year.

This fabric has been carefully created featuring multi- ple technical benefits.

It boasts high performance moisture wicking tech- nologies, antibacterial properties to keep odour at bay, and a UPF 50+ to protect the wearer from the sun’s harsh rays.

Technimild has all the technical benefits of premium sporting apparel while maintaining an incredibly soft hand feel - softer than cotton!



1.Easily adjustable, quick zip fasten.
2. Active design allows the wearer to zip the polo up
high for warmth on cooler days and to unzip during warmer weather.
3. Wicks moisture away from the body.
4. Keeps odours at bay.
5. Protects your skin from the sun’s harsh
6. Soft touch fabric provides maximum comfort.
7. Added length to ensure your midriff is covered at all times.
8. Slim fit and flattering, providing you
with a full range of motion.

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