LACD Active

Women's Memboshell Jacket

Regular price $195.00

Goodbye Plastic Bag! Gone are the days where it is ok to pull on a rain jacket that feels like you are wrapping yourself in glad wrap.

This incredible LACD garment is ahead of its game. With a hydrophobic outer layer that is allergic to water, golfers will find the 
water beading off the outside of the garment leaving the wearer completely dry (all inner seams have been taped). The hydrophilic (water-loving) inner layer
 will attract and absorb moisture, drawing perspiration to the outside of the garment where it can spread for fast evaporation
.  Ultra breathable!

Added length in the body and sleeves will ensure you remain covered and protected. Large front pockets are readily accessible! The elasticised cuffs guarantee the garment is easily put on and taken off despite a variety of hand/wrist sizes and also helps to prohibit water from entering via the sleeve.

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