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Membostretch Overpant

Regular price $175.00

The Membostretch Overpant has a completely waterproof exterior and super breathable interior (similar to the membolite but a lighter weight overpant), this fabric ensures the wearer remains comfortable at all times and helps to regulate temperature.

This garment works to keep you dry on the inside with minimum bulk and swish.

Suitable for use at all temperatures to keep dry, this membostretch pant is an everyday essential! Keep them in your golf bag so you are never caught out in the rain!

The Membostretch Overpant is packed with features and functionalities. Not only is it waterproof and windproof; this garment has been designed with a higher back rise to keep you covered, a drawstring closure around the waist, plenty of pocket access for storage and leg closures for easy of dressing/undressing without removing your shoes.

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