Drive to Par – Getting to Scratch Golf in Two Years



Drive to Par – Getting to Scratch Golf in Two Years by Marvin Sangüesa

This article has been republished from: Women's Golf Although I taught the game at the PGA Learning Center for a number of years, I always felt that I could do more to help grow the game. It’s no coincidence my best friend offered me the opportunity to caddy for her on the LPGA’s Symetra Tour. Although I’d helped her with her swing in the past, this was a completely different avenue for me to pursue. All fear aside, it turned out to be one the best decisions I’ve ever made.

As her caddy, helping her every day seeing her passion come to life surprisingly opened up my own dreams and goals. It truly helped me find my way. Unintentionally, I reached a wider audience than expected. My social media presence quickly transformed into documenting our adventures to being able to help others.

It wasn’t long before I was offering online lessons and individual tips to those who valued the game as much as myself. One student stuck out more than the others. Her name is Caroline Chisanga. Caroline is a single mother of two, who loves golf but fights finding time to focus on her game with her daily responsibilities and struggles. Shooting in the 120’s wasn’t fun for her. She needed some immediate help. Fortunately, Caroline had some previous playing experience. She played in high school, some in college but overall not enough to take her game to the level she always dreamed of. With that being said, we got to work as soon as we could, starting with the basics.


Jack Nicklaus always said, “start with the fundamentals and make sure they are solid before anything else.” Like every golfer, Caroline had some strengths and some weaknesses. Her grip was fantastic, but her posture was poor causing some inconsistency. It took two weeks for any adjustments to feel comfortable.

We made huge strides through communicating online the first couple of weeks. It wasn’t until Memorial Day weekend we were able to meet in person. I was caddying in Charlotte, NC and Caroline came to watch. Ever since that day, we’ve worked full time on improving her game. Caroline’s lowered her handicap by over 20 strokes in just under six months. Her low round to date is 94, but with hard work, I’m confident it will be even lower.

After realizing we could get her to even par one day, we wanted to set that as the end goal. We were on to something. This journey to improvement has been as rewarding as it has been entertaining. We officially named it for others to follow along, too. This road to success was named, “The Drive to Par.”

Through this journey, Caroline and I now travel the U.S. reviewing golf resorts for a magazine, as well as produce videos for our own YouTube Channel. In addition, we showcase some of the most beautiful golf destinations in the U.S. However, our main goal is to provide golf lovers a fun and uniquely entertaining take on the game of golf, all while watching Caroline reach a scratch level of play in two years. Can it be done? Is it possible? Can this mother of two with a full­time job and non­stop daily responsibilities do the unthinkable? Words cannot describe how rewarding this experience has been for us, and it’s only the beginning. Follow along! marvin-sanguesa2

Marvin Sangüesa is an active LACD Ambassador #teamlacd and a  PGA Professional Golf Coach based in Florida. More information about Marvin Sanguesa is available on his website You can follow Marvin online on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.  You Can Track Caroline and Marvin’s ‘Drive to Par’ progress on Instagram and Facebook

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