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LACD Golf Apparel: Read on for an independent blog review of LACD apparel as featured on Thanks Golf Clubhouse for a fantastic review! [caption id="attachment_1366" align="alignleft" width="463"]Image: Golf Clubhouse Image: Golf Clubhouse[/caption]                             We were quite excited when the LACD gear arrived, as the images on their website portrayed a classy and quality Australian brand.   Now, we don't usually care what our golf apparel arrives in, usually a plastic bag that gets ripped open and thrown in the bin. But not with the LACD gear, they roll a bit differently, and we felt kinda special - check out the pictures below.    We definitely felt like we were unwrapping something we couldn't afford, the packaging was very classy.   So what was the gear like I hear you ask?   At first we noted that it all has a minimalist look, no big flashy logos saying look at me. Which we like, as we like to let our golf do the talking... Ok I'll be honest, LACD had us looking much better than we played.   The gear was very comfortable and quite simply, it is just quality golf gear. A  classy look that stands tall amongst all the latest crazy patterns and fluro colours.   On the fabrics, it is definitely worth taking two minutes to read about what fabrics they use and why on their website. We wouldn't normally advise you to read about fabrics, but this info is  worth your time for a read - we learned a thing or two.   If your local pro shop has the LACD range, take a closer look. If they do not stock them, then ask them why not?!    Cost: Depending on what you are after, it is in the mid to high range, but the quality is AAA - we feel it is well priced. Available: In some retailers, and quite a few smart pro shops. Final Comment: Go buy yourself some LACD gear, it made us feel classy! Feels good to wear, and looks great on.

[caption id="attachment_1365" align="alignleft" width="409"]Golf Clubhouse Image Image: Golf Clubhouse[/caption]  

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